Arts and technology festival

Digital Climate

When in 1998 Larry and Sergey, two PhD students of the Stanford University, started a research project under an awkward title BackRub, nobody could know that this project will change the entire world forever. When in 2003 “a little intoxicated” Mark Zuckerberg was writing a code for his creation FaceMash in his student dormitory, he couldn’t possibly imagine that only a few years later his company will be a sole holder of the greatest amount of personal data on Earth and will be investigated for interference with such historical events as the US presidential elections and Brexit.

Explore With Us

AltPitch festival is dedicated to exploring the relationship between the digital world and humanity, and responsibility that comes with it. A week of exciting performances and supporting events will provoke thoughts and debates, will bring together creativity and innovation, will question our daily use of technology and will leave the audience to search for answers.

Enough Questions?

The digital world and technology have given us some extraordinary freedoms – we communicate, learn and create as never before. But the immersion into the digital era has side effects: digital environment robbed us of our privacy and independence, subjected us to easy manipulations and challenged our connection to reality. Are we asking enough questions?

The theme for the inaugural AltPitch 2020 – Life & Death in Digital Climate.