Mother Sister Daughter

Musica Secreta

Mother Sister Daughter is concert that celebrates women’s spiritual relationships.

The project includes the music honouring the Blessed Virgin Mary and communities of sisters in early modern Europe. Its highlights are motets attributed to Suor Leonora d’Este, Lucrezia Borgia’s daughter, and an Office of St Clare from the convent of Galileo’s daughter, Suor Maria Celeste Galilei. Two songs by dissenting women, Martha Baerts and Marguerite de Navarre, bring less familiar voices into conversation with their Catholic counterparts.


Musica Secreta:

  • Director – Laurie Stras 
  • Sopranos – Yvonne Eddy, Hannah Ely, Victoria Meteyard 
  • Mezzo-sopranos – Victoria Couper, Katharine Hawnt 
  • Alto – Caroline Trevor
  • Harps – Kirsty Whatley
  • Organ – Claire Williams 
  • Viols – Alison Kinder 
  • Film by David Lefeber


Watch the Concert

Musica Secreta is the UK’s leading female-voice early music ensemble, researching and performing music written by and for women in the fifteenth- to seventeenth centuries. The director Laurie Stras is Emeritus Professor of Music at the University of Southampton. The film was created by David Lefeber, of Metier Sound and Vision, a Gramophone award-winning, Grammy-nominated sound and production artist.

Experience Mother Sister Daughter

Musica Secreta offers interactive workshops for female voices and public performances in various locations in the UK in connection with this project.