Strata is a research and development project by ceramicist Esme Fisher

It is exploring the circular process of taking clay from the soil only to return it to the earth as handmade objects, becoming artefacts of human history.

Following a material based approach to ceramics brings an appreciation for the earth and environments that naturally make clay, interacting with themes of sustainability and opening conversations about the climate crisis. Finding and processing locally sourced wild clay and working with textured and heavily grogged clay further strengthens this connection.

Strata encompasses ideas of soil profiles, contour lines on maps, archaeology and the clay used to make pottery.


Esme Fisher is a ceramicist inspired by ancient icons and vessels. Her work echos forms of Neolithic fertility statues, exploring the connections between the rites and rituals of human experience and the objects that accompany them.

With special thanks to:

  • Ruby Taylor –
  • Isabella Campi – The Mudworks pottery studio
  • Chantelle Duncan – The Mudworks pottery studio
  • Rory Fisher – Experimental archeologist

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The film focuses on processing foraged clay, creating a strong connection between material and product. Making ceramics is one of the oldest technologies as natural resources are turned into manmade objects, connecting humans to the earth. 

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Strata presents ancient methods examined in modern ways. At a microscopic level clay has a structure much like that of the earth at a grander scale. Touching on themes of geography, geology, archaeology, topography, the exploration is equally a scientific and naturalist approach to ceramics. 

The continued research and development of this work ensures the environment remains at the forefront of this art form.