DIDDAKOI is an e-zine inspired by the 1972 book by Rumer Godden.

The chosen book for ATownExploresABook festival 2022 is The Diddakoi by Rumer Godden that is telling a story about a little girl called Kizzy who is half Romany and half Irish. The book was written 50 years ago, but many of the themes of the book are still relevant today – Kizzy is bullied at school and perceived as ‘other’ by the local community.

The participants of the ExploreTheArch mentee scheme, who also worked on Looking At Things, are working on the production of the zine that will explore and celebrate Romany culture.


ExploreTheArch Mentees:

  • Esme Fisher
  • Tatenda Manyarara
  • Lily Bowers
  • Yasmin Mohammed

Mentored by Erica Smith

Zine Planning

One of the skills that the mentees wanted to develop is the ability to manage and delegate. Esme, the coordinator of the team, has involved other young people on the ExploreTheArch mentee scheme to develop the content of the zine.

The first stages have been developing a moodboard and themes for the zine, page-planning and defining the content for each page and who will work on it.

Experience Diddakoi

The final product will be a 16-page full-colour A5 zine with an online version of digital publications and podcasts. The printed and digital versions will be interlinked using a QR code.

We plan to print 300 copies of the pilot, and the content will also be available online.