VR experience by Esther Fox
Sir_Francis_Galton - AltPitch

Are you ready to face some uncomfortable questions about the value of what we discard?

Stepping into the imagined study of Francis Galton, the viewer will explore a VR world and fantasy collection of specimens and will be asked to make their own selections, facing uncomfortable questions about what we value and what we discard.

Looking at the troubling legacy of eugenics offers a framework to explore the complexities of the ethics relating to contemporary issues of genetic screening; good and bad. Women have a right to choose, but is choice always a good thing? Evolution will surprise and amuse audiences as they enter an alternative world of the strange and unfamiliar. It will also leave them with a sense of unease about just how readily they entered into the act of categorizing, preserving and discarding.

Hastings Library
26–28 March
Free entry


“When you combine an immersive, disorientating and sensuous medium like VR with compelling and emotive narrative, you have the power to affect people, giving them an experience that will stay with them.​” – ESTHER FOX

Esther Fox at the AltPitch Festival