Lila Naruse


FLOW explores happiness, existence and struggle.

Inspired by the state of ‘flow’; an optimal experience into the limits of our concentration, with a sense of fluidity between body and mind.

‘Flow’ is experienced and discovered in different ways, it is personal to each individual and a universally shared experience. The research process involved gathering peoples own experiences of the state of ‘Flow’ through an open call out, and the work was grounded by these responses. FLOW was sparked by an interest in human perception, and the idea that the ‘Flow’ state is significantly important for authentic performance, creativity and joy.


  • Film by Lila Naruse
  • Music by Thomas Dixon
  • Filmed by Saya Naruse and James Froment
  • Edited by Alex Ayre and Lila Naruse
  • Production assistance by Benedicta Valentina Mamuini
  • Image credit Saya Naruse
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Press Reviews

“The singing is hauntingly beautiful, the cast all have amazing operatic voices, accompanied by a live pianist. Nothing is more effective when the couple’s text argument is played out by piano. This is a must see for anyone who enjoys being inspired and redefining traditional genres.” – RACHEL FOSTER

North West End
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Flow project image
Flow project image