FUREAI (ふれあい) is an R&D work which explores loneliness that can arise from the lack of touch.

The work looks into the importance of touch and intimacy in human relationships from an idea that was inspired by spooning. Fureai (ふれあい) is a Japanese word that translates to mutual touch and/or contact – composed of ‘fure’ (fureru – to touch/contact) and ‘ai’ which shows mutuality.

“Physical connection is extremely important within both my massage and dance work. I celebrate physical communication and moments where people can be physically trusting and connected with those around them – without the relationship having to be something necessarily romantic.”


By Lila Naruse

Co-Dance Artist: Benedicta Valentina Mamuini

Camera: Saya Rose Naruse

Dance Artist and Editor: Lila J Naruse

Spooning by Lila Naruse
Spooning by Lila Naruse

Fureai Video

This short dance film was produced, created, rehearsed and filmed from a home on a single mattress, in a single bedroom. The research process involved gathering music recommendations from people, who shared with me music they listen to when they are feeling lonely. These songs became the creation and rehearsal playlist and was used to inform the final edit.

The video is silent and you are advised to listen to your favourite music when you are viewing it. Alternatively, click on the playlist link below for suggestions.

Fureai Playlist

Experience Fureai

Spooning by Lila Naruse
Spooning by Lila Naruse

About Lila

Lila Naruse is a North East based dance artist with mixed Japanese heritage. She is passionate about creativity, challenge and discovery.

Lila deeply values honesty, joy and flow within her approach, and uses the philosophical and physical connection of the whole body as inspiration.

Spooning by Lila Naruse