Line Shadow Movement

Cliff Crawford


The `white-wall gallery’ as a tabular-rasa is a myth; the intimidation of the white wall is not an empty space it is loud, exclusive, elitist and imposes its own stories.

Inviting someone to be involved in the curation of the gallery space is an invitation to collaborate in the content of a story. The visitor is the last collaborator adding their own perspective and meaning exploring the themes and ideas.

Our next step is to provide the visitor with agency within a true interactive environment by experimenting with what can be done when you use the potential of digital space.

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  • Cliff Crawford lead artist and videographer
  • Thomas Crawford (@Insamnohty) technical artist and programmer
  • Image credit Cliff Crawford and Thomas Crawford
Line shadow movement image

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Press Reviews

“The singing is hauntingly beautiful, the cast all have amazing operatic voices, accompanied by a live pianist. Nothing is more effective when the couple’s text argument is played out by piano. This is a must see for anyone who enjoys being inspired and redefining traditional genres.” – RACHEL FOSTER

North West End
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Line shadow movement image
Line shadow movement image
Line shadow movement image