Return to the Goddess

Lucy Brennan Shiel


Return to the Goddess is a video piece responding to three distinct elements – a real landscape from the west of Ireland, our internal human landscape and the literary landscape of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

In response to the urgency of climate change within our biosphere, we seek a sense of embodiment in our interconnectedness with the planet, via a specific Irish bogland explored within a virtual environment.

Artists Lucy Brennan Shiel and Cliff Crawford have taken this adventure into a Virtual Reality setting as a collaborative project and have been supported by Roscommon County Council, Ireland.


  • Lucy Brennan Shiel: film, photography, painting, words, narration
  • Cliff Crawford: digital 3D/VR designer, developer, technical artist, & videographer
  • James Joyce: text from Ulysses
  • Image credit: Lucy Brennan Shiel and Cliff Crawford
  • Roscommon County Council Ireland – funding support

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Press Reviews

“The singing is hauntingly beautiful, the cast all have amazing operatic voices, accompanied by a live pianist. Nothing is more effective when the couple’s text argument is played out by piano. This is a must see for anyone who enjoys being inspired and redefining traditional genres.” – RACHEL FOSTER

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