Festival Terms


We invite individual artists, art organisations, performing groups and collectives to submit their digital works to be considered for participating in the AltPitch Online Arts and Technology Festival 2021.

The submissions should be related to the SUBJECT of interaction between technology and humanity either by topic or form.

The submissions can represent any performing or visual GENRE including but not limited to:

      • Film
      • Animation
      • Theatre
      • Music
      • Opera and musical theatre
      • Spoken word
      • Art Installation etc.

You can either submit a COMPLETE SHOW or R&D of your creative idea. We do not require the work to be produced specifically for the AltPitch. However, even if you are submitting work in progress, it must provide engaging viewing for the online audience and include all necessary elements (see below).

The festival curators will select no more than 9 works for the MAIN PROGRAMME and no more than 9 works for the FRINGE PROGRAMME of the AltPitch Festival to be displayed on btw 1st and 31st March 2021.

During the festival dates all selected works will be ACTIVELY PROMOTED using all available public communication channels by the AltPitch Festival and Artist Digital.

The submitting artists and companies must pay a SUBMISSION FEE of £25. The work will not be considered for the festival if the submission fee isn’t paid. The receivers of Universal Credit and Disability Allowance are exempt from paying the submission fee.

The works in the FRINGE PROGRAMME will be accessible to watch free of charge on

The works in the main programme will be accessible to watch on for a symbolic price of a WATCH & RATE ticket.

The holders of the Watch & Rate ticket will also be able to RATE the works in the main programme of the festival.

Three works with the highest rating by the audience will then be offered a COMMISSION from the AltPitch Festival – £1500 each.

There is no rating facility for the fringe programme but the curators will be selecting one best work in the fringe programme to be GRANTED with £500 towards the cost of their next project.

There are also two PRIZES offered by our prize partners to the works selected by them from either main or fringe programme:

We recommend for all submitted video works to increase their accessibility by including SUBTITLES and/or upload accessible SUPPORTING FILES to video descriptions. 

Your Submission

Your Submission must include:

YouTube link to your SUBMISSION:

  • Unlisted, not public (!). Public links will not be accepted as a valid submission.
  • Allowed for embedding.
  • Your channel should have a profile name of the artist or art organisation submitting the work.
  • Your channel should have a profile picture
  • The video submission should be btw 3 min and 2 hours long.

YouTube link to the submission TEASER:

  • Public link (!)
  • Allowed for embedding.
  • Max 40 sec.

Short DESCRIPTION – max. 100 words

CREDITS – who is involved and in what capacity

Three IMAGES to illustrate your submission (with credits)

Submission FEE of £25.

Optional: one press review quote, including star rating and source

Your submission might also include:


To your submission, you can add an optional YouTube link to a pre-roll advertising your sponsor, partner or your company. The pre-roll can be played before the audience can view the videos in the main programme. Please note that the pre-roll cannot exceed 10 sec. You can submit the pre-roll after you have submitted your work.

  • YouTube link (public!)
  • Max 10 sec.
  • One pre-roll per submission


Yes. But you must ensure that the work is not publicly accessible within the festival period between the 1st March and the 1st April 2021 if your work is shortlisted. In the online application form please indicate the dates of the last time your work went public.

The pre-roll is optional, but the teaser is compulsory. You can produce a teaser using the existing video of your work by yourself or with a help of any professional videographer or animator. AltPith can also produce a teaser for you using your submission. The cost of this service will be £350.

We can similarly help with producing a pre-roll for your company or your sponsor. But this service will require special consideration and quotation. Please get in touch with the AltPitch to discuss further.

Selecting, collating and curating the works for the festival takes a lot of administrative work and time. Once your work is short-listed for the festival, the information has to be collated and placed on the website. We have to ensure that all the criteria for the selected submissions are met, which might entail additional communication and administration. All texts must be proofread, and your images might require editing or resizing. Each work in the main programme will have its own page on our website, which will have to be specially designed. The submission fee will also pay for the sponsored promotion of your work on social media, and in the festival newsletter. And we must emphasise that the shortlisted works will stand a high chance to win a commission.

No. The rights for your submission remain with you and your organisation. Since we ask you to provide only a hyperlink rather than video files, we leave you with the option to revoke access to your work when the festival is over.

The AltPitch, however, retains the right to use your teaser and images provided with your submission for promotional purposes, which is an essential aspect of the festival.

If you win the AltPitch commission the specific copyright terms will be included in your contract.

The teaser must be submitted together with your main work. It is an essential part of the submission and will be used to advertise your show and to preview it on the website. We open submission well in advance to give you enough time to create a teaser.

As pre-roll is optional, you can submit it only if you are selected for the main programme. Please note that only the main programme shows will have a pre-roll option.

If you haven’t got one, then yes. Instead of submitting video files that are large and difficult to handle and store, we ask you to provide us with a YouTube link. This way you also can keep full control over your work when the festival is over and can be assured that your rights are protected. Starting a YouTube channel is easy and intuitive, you will find plenty of support online.

Besides, in the time when live events are limited, many artists will need an opportunity to show their work on screen. Creating videos and registering a YouTube channel gives them an extra option for promoting their work.

If you are not inclined to use your YouTube channel for anything but submitting your festival work, there is no problem. You can always use it for technical purposes, whenever you need to share your work with others easily and securely.

How to start a new channel on YouTube>>