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The AltPitch Festival is an ambitious and complex community project that aims to bring to Hastings new dynamic and fresh artistic activities, the best art and new opportunities for creative people to work together. 

But the development and sustainability of the project will not be possible without the support of the local people. We don’t want to rely solely on public funding, we would like to create opportunities for the local economy, local business community and local artists.

For the reference:

£50 – will cover the travel expenses for our volunteer.

£150 – will be enough to pay for printing our posters.

£300 – will pay for one performer’s day work.

£500 – will allow us to hire technical equipment for a free event.

The festival is produced by the Sussex-based company Artist Digital and is supported by the Arts Council England and Hastings Borough Council. To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us directly:

You can also help by donating now via PayPal, by bringing your project to the Platform or by volunteering with us.

Bring a project
to the Platform

The Platform is a place where business and non-profit organisations can meet the arts for a mutual benefit.

Whatever is your idea and whatever is your budget, bring it to the AltPitch Platform and we will help you to find the best collaborators amongst artists and creatives, or to form the most innovative idea for the project. 

Arts can help businesses to find creative solutions for their most ambitious goals. Businesses can provide to the arts with the much needed creative challenge and a chance to work for and with the community.

The AltPitch Platform mediates between the two cultures supporting collaborations and partnerships. It is also an opportunity for you to discuss your project with our audiences and to publicise it via our resources.


As a community project, AltPitch cannot be successful without you – the people of the community. If you can help us on any of the following dates, please fill in the form giving your availability or email directly to Basma Sbihi

The PlatformStation Plaza 20 March, 9.00–17.30 – 2 volunteers to welcome and support the participants and facilitators of the event.

The Female Planet, EvolutionHastings Library 26–28 March, 9.45–17.15 – minding and recharging VR sets, supporting visitors during VR experience, 2 volunteers per day. Must be available on the 25 March, 12.00–14.00 for training.

 #echochamber, 27 March, 17.00–22.30 – 3 volunteers, unloading the set (heavy lifting), performance set up and clear out, ushering audience, ticket sales, bar attendance.

WHIST, 28 March, 11.00–22.00 – 3 volunteers, ushering audience, cleaning and recharging VR sets, supporting visitors during VR experience, performance clear out. Training will be provided.

Beyond Belief, 29 March, 14.00–15.00 – 3 volunteers, loading the set (heavy lifting); 17.00–21.00 – performance set up and clear out, ushering audience, ticket sales, bar attendance.

All volunteers will be able to claim a free ticket to the show of their choice from the main programme of the festival.