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Can we listen to the heart beat of the planet? In this talk, Alice will introduce the theories behind the emerging science of ecoacoustics and share examples of research into how we are learning to listen to biodiversity, from Sussex woodlands to tropical forests and reefs.

Alice Eldridge is a researcher at the University of Sussex who works at the intersections of music, technology and ecology. Alice’s current scientific and artistic research investigates soundscape as a precious point of contact between species and ways of knowing the world. Alice is currently a lecturer in music technology and a co-director of the Sussex Humanities Lab.


Live Coding Demo


In his talk, Thor Magnusson will introduce the practice of live coding and demonstrate some systems to perform and compose music through live programming – a practice that is getting international recognition and much presence in concert halls and nightclubs around the globe.

Thor Magnusson is a musician, writer and software developer who lectures in music at the University of Sussex. His research focuses on the impact digital technologies have on musical creativity and practice, explored through software development, composition, and performance. He is the co-founder of ixi audio.

PRESENTATION by CÉCILE CHEVALIER and ANDREW DUFF  is a sound art installation and musical instrument that help us rethink our relations with our bodies, technology and play.

UK-based French artist Cécile Chevalier is a lecturer at the University of Sussex, and works with art installation as playful environments and musical instruments to explore forms of digital cultural transformation in relation to embodiment-technologies, performativity and performance.


The Z-X Spectrum Podcast


Produced by Studio BE, The Z-X Spectrum sees Studio BE CEO Brandon Relph (Gen Z) and Studio BE COO Lizzie Hodgson (Gen X) interview Laurence Hill, independent curator and producer, formerly director of Brighton Digital Festival, exploring the impact of tech, media and digital has on society and life. 

Studio BE is forged out of the founders’ deep-rooted experiences of working with young people and collaborating with some of the top broadcast industry experts in the country. Together we create multi-platform content that lives outside of a single screen from the get-go. By engaging them on their terms, we bring young people into the conversation.

We push boundaries and create engaging, challenging and entertaining content, moving away from toxic narratives – as well as building tech as an enabler in the industry.

Read Enough Questions with Laurence Hill>>

Esther Fox at AltPitch Festival

Innovative Digital


Esther Fox will share examples of how she has used digital tech and the arts to engage audiences with complex contemporary ethical dilemmas. How can Virtual Reality take players on a historic journey that makes them question the troubling legacy of eugenics and how can telepresent robots open up access to spaces which would otherwise be inaccessible. Esther will lead a conversation about how this sort of creative innovation could also have benefits for the business sector.

Esther Fox is a visual artist and cultural consultant whose practice explores the synapses between art and science, historical and futuristic, digital and material. In particular, she offers audiences opportunities to consider challenging ethical dilemmas around identity and agency. Esther believes art has the capacity to enable difficult conversations to take place and is passionate about engaging people in meaningful experiences.

Read Esther’s interview to Erica Smith of HOT>>

Avocado Toast at the AltPitch

Space Odyssey 2020

Telling stories in spaces with VICTOR LANDER, AVOCADO TOAST

Storytelling is an evolutionary mechanism of information transfer that is shaped by the way humans perceive the outer world. It’s millennia-old, and ever-young: from Odyssey to Space Odyssey stories are told the same way that makes us crave for more.

How can we turn a space, i.e. a room, a street, or a lawn into a storytelling device? What are the instruments for that? Does it cost a fortune? These are the questions explored by this workshop.

Victor Lander is creative director and partner at Avocado Toast, a creative multimedia company. Exploring the immersive side of communication, creating and supervising multimedia dance performances, projection mapping shows, VR experiences, he’s been focusing on innovative formats of narrative only to come back to the original one: storytelling.


Coding as a Creative Tool


The workshop by three researchers from the University of Sussex will introduce participants to using Sema for designing and performing with live code languages, whilst gaining a new understanding of how signal processing, machine learning and machine listening are applied in that context.

Chris Kiefer is a computer-musician and musical instrument designer, specialising in musician-computer interaction, physical computing, and machine learning. He performs with custom-made instruments including malleable interfaces, touch screen software, interactive sculptures and a modified self-resonating cello. Chris is an experience live-coder, performing under the name Luuma.

Francisco Bernardo is a computer scientist, an interactive media artist and a multi-instrumentalist. His research is focused on human-computer interaction approaches to toolkits that broaden and accelerate user innovation with interactive machine learning. Francisco has been doing audiovisual performances with his most recent project, Mnistrel.

! The participants of this workshop will be required to bring their own laptops.


Innovation through Improvisation


What do business and creative music-making have in common? Innovation and improvisation. Both entrepreneurs and musicians must be agile, with the ability to innovate and create new ideas in order to thrive. At this workshop participants will connect through sound creation and explore essential collaborative skills from a totally new perspective!

Soundcastle connects communities through expressive music-making and promotes broader imaginative thinking through coaching & training for creative practitioners, social entrepreneurs & arts facilitators. With developing action research hubs in East London, Sussex and Bristol, Soundcastle is seeking to further challenge and improve the quality of community music practice across England.

Make X at the AltPitch



Let’s say you start with plenty of jargon. You speak “professionally”, add a ton of tech info, and aim to shake. A perfect cocktail of confusion. The drinker gets a weird concoction and is dismayed. The cocktail-maker is frustrated – all that effort negated by a poor user experience: “If only I’d tried it first and gauged the impact on them”.

Where do you start and where do you end in design and animation? With a story about a human being, their desires, wants, needs. We’ll take you through how to build a clear, compelling human-story-board.

Miles, Rich and Adam are co-founders of Make X, a collective that designs memorable, emotional thought leadership content. Our clients include Google, British Land, Nespresso, The Wall Street Journal, Deloitte and DeepMind. We’re not what you might expect. Check us out and learn how to build your story.

Joumana Mourad at the AltPitch

MeWe: Movement & Collaboration


MeWe uses movement to encourage collaboration, activate creative thinking and, of course, improve physical health and mobility.

Two people step into a space and start to mirror their actions. More people join and move around the room in counterbalance. MeWe is a practical session where observing and listening (stillness) complements how groups of people may interact within a space (movement). In this part-game and part-movement lab, participants use their understanding of their presence in a space to explore the impact of their actions to everyone around them.

Sessions are for 15 – 30 people and can last for 90 minutes up to a half day. MeWe is suitable for including in Away Days, for team building and conferences. No prior experience needed, all levels of mobility are welcome. Suitable for all ages. 


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The number of places at the PLATFORM is limited and distributed on the first come first served basis.

When booking your ticket, you will be asked to select two workshops – for Session 1 and Session 2. This choice isn’t changeable. Please be aware that each ticket has to be booked individually as the choice of the workshops is varied for every attendee.

The venue does not provide parking options, but it is only a few yards away from the Hastings station and we encourage participants to plan a greener journey if possible.

We offer 25 free tickets for under 25s. If you are booking a free ticket, please bring your ID or a student card to the event.

Ticket price is £35 and includes buffet lunch. It is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend but wish to transfer your ticket to someone else, please contact us directly on contact@altpitch.org.

Tim B'vard at the AltPitch Festival

The Platform Host


Tim is a creator of a massively popular Bavard Bar – a cross between TED talks and a comedy night that has been provoking deep thoughts and passionate conversations in Sussex since 2017.

In his previous life Tim was a courtroom criminal lawyer, the profession that failed to fulfil his creativity and life ambition. His previous experience, however, equips him perfectly with the ability to work with the live audiences and to bring energy and life to any room.