The Sea Wrote It

Ruby Colley


The film The Sea Wrote is part of a wider project Overheard, funded by ACE. It seeks to unravel the connections between and within nature, sound and audiences through original compositions that blend field recordings, and instrumentation.

As humans, we have traditionally looked to folk music to document our lives, but also our relationship with the world around us. Through the lens of lockdown, our relationship with nature has shifted, many of us noticing the sounds around us more.

This film embraces the many ways that traditions, technology and nature are currently intertwining today, whilst sitting in the space and stillness that lockdown has brought about.


  • Directed & composed by Ruby Colley
  • Ensemble: violins – Ruby Colley & Bev Lee Harling, oud – Frank Moon, double bass – Tom Clarkson
  • Ensemble filmed, recorded & edited by Vincent Rowley
  • Ensemble location: Artist Space – Kate Adams
  • Additional footage by Kate Adams & Ruby Colley
  • Edited by Kate Adams & Tim Corrigan

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Press Reviews

“The singing is hauntingly beautiful, the cast all have amazing operatic voices, accompanied by a live pianist. Nothing is more effective when the couple’s text argument is played out by piano. This is a must see for anyone who enjoys being inspired and redefining traditional genres.” – RACHEL FOSTER

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