AΦE (Esteban Fourmi and Aoi Nakamura)

Physical theatre and virtual reality production

WHIST tells the fictional story of a family, characters of which inspired by Japanese Artist Shuji Terayama and
Sigmund Freud’s real case studies, and their dreams, fears and desires unveiled through physical theatre. Audiences are invited on a journey into the unconscious mind, where their instincts will guide them to see the story from different perspectives.

This mesmerising hour-long experience merges Physical Theatre, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, in an environment that blurs the boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness, reality and fiction, the physical and the virtual. Through art and 3D sound installation coupled with cinematic and interactive 360° film, viewers will be immersed in a surreal world of unfolding dreams and fears.

St Mary in the Castle
Saturday 28 March

When booking your ticket, you will be asked to choose a one-hour slot to experience this performance.


“WHIST is a boundary breaking piece, future facing in its use of the medium of VR to develop a new kind of narrative. A truly beautiful, compelling and important work.” – VICE, The Creators Project

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